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Marigold Lately presents

Marigold Lately in ‘Dirty Old Town 24’

Venue: The Cumberland Arms
When: Saturday 27th July
Performance Times: 8.30pm
Tickets: £10 Full Price / £5 Concession / £3 'No Questions' (maximum 10 available online only). Booking fees apply.
Running Time: Approx. 50 mins 
Age Recommendation: 18+


Just where is 'Dirty Old Town' to be found? It's in an absurdly dark place where characters are not always what they seem in Marigold Lately's one-woman show dripping venom and tenderness in equal measure.  Born in the autumn of 2022 after a gestation period of more than 50 years, since her birth Marigold has performed at over 150 comedy clubs, spoken word events and festivals throughout the UK.

A combination of storytelling, stand-up comedy and performance. Marigold brings her eccentric and subversive style to every performance. Hilariously NOT funny!

Come see the Human Heap living in the shadows of Liverpool FC

Come see the unhinged woman you wouldn't want to sit next to on the train, then realise she's not so unhinged after all...

Try and spot any teachers hidden in the audience...for there's always a teacher infiltrating, watching, judging...

And find out what happens when a Private Dick boards the 16.52 Liverpool to Chester train...

Throw in a sprinkling of bestiality, a few nefarious tips on how to deal with the cost of living crisis and psychopathic cyclists...all the while avoiding abusive exes and never, ever, fitting in in any shape or form - one forlornly defiant orange carton amongst a million milk bottles.


Marigold Lately - viciously gentle - straddling genres but never sitting on the fence.  A born ‘fabulist’ one whose imagination is unfettered by the laws of logic and probability…sometimes sorrowful, sometimes snarling - sharing surreal tales and comic commentary. 

'A Brilliantly Bonkers One-Woman Show Filled To The Brim With An Eclectic Mix of Outrageous, Surrealist Dark Humour' Peter Eric Lang, The Liverpudlian

‘It sits somewhere between one-woman drama, stand-up routine and stream-of-consciousness....delivered with Ricky Gervais-style deadpan detachment and gallows humour’ Catherine Jones, Arts City Liverpool

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