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Thao Thanh Cao presents

Confessions of a Comedian

Venue: The Cumberland Arms 
When: Tuesday 16th July 
Performance Times: 6.30pm
Tickets: £10 Full Price / £5 Concession / £3 'No Questions' (maximum 10 available online only). Booking fees apply.
Running Time: Approx. 60 mins 
Age Recommendation: 16+ 

A comedy show filled with jokes, stories and confessions

In this comedy show filled with jokes, stories and confessions, comedian Thao Cao will be tackling topics including tattoos, Tik Tok, travel, toilets, and true crimes.  After performing comedy for over a decade, making audiences laugh out loud with her cheeky humour (and making a few people angry with some controversial jokes) Thao has several things to reveal about her experience as a comedian and her personal views on:

*Taboo and triggering subjects in comedy

*Cancel culture 

*And “punching down” jokes


This is a show about the freedom that comes from not caring too much about what people think of you and the importance of thinking for yourself. If you’re looking for laughs, looking for tips on comedy or looking for something to be offended by, then this show is for you! 

“Always surprising, Thao laced cheeky one-liners through poignant moments with ease. A compelling storyteller”  
Upside Adelaide 
"An empowering broadside against ‘woke’ culture"  Chortle 
“Unique and refreshing humour”  
Sydney Arts Guide 
“Natural and honest, Thao has a fascinating way of intertwining issues of today in creative ways”   
Fringe Review 
“Thao had us laughing from  
the get-go”   
Upside Adelaide 
"She has an interesting tale to tell – and the audience are enraptured" Chortle 

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