xvelastin presents


When: Tuesday 3rd August 2021 

Performance Time: 7:30pm  

Tickets: Pay What You Feel (booking essential) 

Running Time: Approx. 50 mins 

Age Recommendation: 14+ 

Live Audience: Socially distanced tickets will be available and will sell out fast, audience numbers vary depending on restrictions. 

Online Audience: The performance will be live streamed   

A human-computer duet about the noise in the oceans inspired by the voices in the sea – incorporating underwater singing, deep time, hacking, machine learning, a lot of bubbles – told from the perspective of a sort of queer cyborg whale.

[whalesong] is a blend of experimental music gig, immersive sound installation and performance art whose sounds and stories are drawn from global mythology, bioacoustic research data and, of course, whalesong. It's a celebration of the diversity of the ocean, and a challenge to the human-centredness of our relationship to the natural world.


Xavier Velastín creates sound-centred performance with a focus on voice, agency, social justice and the environment. He is a sound designer for theatre and video games, a classically-trained pianist, electroacoustic composer and instrument creator. Originally from London but constantly hopping around the UK and living currently in Newcastle, Xavier aims to create work that both resonates with and challenges audiences by exploring new modes of sonic interaction and interpretation. His flagship touring theatre piece, 'Me & My Whale' played to a great crowd at the Star and Shadow in 2019.

A performer is wearing a clear plastic costume with black stripes at the seams and hem. They also wear black fingerless gloves and electronic musical equipment on their arms attached with elastic. They hold their hands in the air and speak into a headset microphone. Purple and blue lit background.